We Have Liftoff

The past week has been incredibly exciting for the Pipes team. We launched our public beta last Wednesday and the response has been amazing.

Already, there have been some great Pipes created, some of which we’ll feature here. In addition, some people have already come up with some fantastic tutorials and examples. While we’re working hard to get some more detailed tutorials of our own up, you should definitely take a look at some of these to get started.

Thanks to your comments on the Pipes Suggestion Board, we’ve been able to address numerous bugs and take note of many new feature requests. In particular, we want to point out that date sorting should be functioning properly now.

As always, if you have ideas for improving Pipes, drop us a line and if you want to talk about Pipes, there’s a ton of discussion going on on our message boards.

In other news, you might notice that the stats aren’t quite updating properly. We’re working on fixing those and will report back soon when it’s all back to normal.

Finally, this marks the official launch of our Pipes blog. Keep an eye out here for news and updates. We’re here to feed your imagination so please keep sharing your feedback, we’re listening!

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