Pipes Adds Interactive Yahoo! Maps, KML Support (and More)

The Pipes team is proud to announce two new features that we’ve been working on that enhance our support for GeoData.

  • First, we added a interactive Yahoo! Map to the runpage of any Pipe containing GeoData. To see this feature in action run the Apartment Near Something Pipe. Here’s a still image of what the map looks like:Interactive Yahoo Maps
  • Second, we added an additional output renderer which allows Pipes containing GeoData to be emitted as a KML file. If there’s GeoData in a Pipe you can find a link to the KML output at the bottom of a Pipes runpage listed in the Tools section. It’s possible to use the KML output in a variety of ways including in Google Earth.
    Pipes adds KML to Tools

We posted a followup entry that highlights some example Pipes that make use the new Geo features.

In addition to our enhanced geolocation support there are some other improvements to announce:

  • You can now inline edit the Title and Description text listed on the runpage for your Pipes.
  • We’ve added the ability to filter dates using the options “before” and “after” in the Filter Module. These parameters can accept dates in a variety of relative formats such as “n days ago”, “now” and “today”.Filter Adds 'before' and 'after' options
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