Example Pipes that Use the New Geo Features

We thought it would be useful to showcase a few Pipes that use the new Geo features we announced.

  • Apartment Near Something was one of the original examples we created to demonstrate the usefulness of Pipes. Now you can search for an apartment close to something and plot the output on a map!
  • Kiva Loans by Location takes a listing of open microloans on Kiva.org and GeoCodes each item based on the nationality of the entrepreneur requesting a loan. The end result allows users to browse a interactive Yahoo! map to see where Kiva is currently fund-raising.
  • Photos Near Napa Wineries annotates Yahoo! Local results for Napa Wineries with images from Flickr that were taken nearby.
  • Socialight Flickrin’ takes location-based Sticky Notes from Socialight.com and searches for pictures from Flickr based on the content of the Sticky Note. This example demonstrates how to use the Location Extractor Module to ensure that a feed containing GeoData is properly marked up.

We can’t wait to see how you use the new Geo features in Pipes! As always, we hope you’ll share your feedback and suggestions with us.

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