We’re back!

This evening we pushed a number of updates to Pipes and there are some exciting new things to tell you about. In brief, we added new ways to browse and explore Pipes, updated the design of the Pipes website, added a number of new features, introduced two new modules, and fixed many bugs.

Many users have asked for additional ways to explore all the Pipes that are being created. When you are on the Browse page you now have ability to browse all the Pipes on that page by their Tags, and by the Sources and Modules contained in them. Look for the links to these options in the sidebar.
Browse Page Summary

Here are a few examples:

We have updated the look, and some functionality, of the Pipes website:

  • On the Browse page all key actions for a Pipe (run, edit, delete, publish, clone) are now a single click away, the descriptions for each Pipe are now automatically exposed, and it’s possible to browse a Pipe by its unique tags and sources. To see these options hover over any of the listed Pipes.Pipes Browse Page
  • The sites navigation has been moved horizontally to the top of the page and the homepage has been revamped.
  • We’ve incorporated user feedback and redesigned the runpage so that it’s easier to use.Pipes Runpage Update
  • You can now add tags to your Pipe on its runpage, look for this feature in the sidebar.
    Add Tags on a Pipes Runpage

We also introduced two new modules in the Pipes Editor:

  • The String Replace Module lets you find and replace the first, last or all occurrences of a string. You can manually enter the text in the input boxes or pipe it in from an appropriate User Input module.
  • The Sub String Module cuts a range of consecutive characters from a string. Enter the numeric character starting position and the length of the characters you want to match. Here’s an example using both new modules to get you started.

Finally, we’ve squashed many bugs that were reported on the Suggestions and Discussion Boards. Thank you for taking the time to report them.

As always, we look forward to hearing your Feedback and appreciate you helping us make Pipes a more useful product.

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