Pipes Powered Maps On Your Site

We worked with the Yahoo! Maps team to put together two examples that demonstrate how you can take the output from a Pipe containing GeoData and overlay its content on a Y! Map. Using these examples, you can learn how you can start putting Pipes powered Maps on your website.

The Pipe being called in the below examples is called Where2 with flickr. This Pipe aggregates event listings in the San Francisco Bay Area from upcoming.org. Then, uses the location information for each event to search Y! Local for nearby restaurants and flickr for nearby pictures. The output of this Pipe contains all the data you need to decide where to head out to!

Both examples demonstrate how to take the output from a Pipe and overly its data on a Y! Map:

To learn more about how each example was made you can view there respective sources. There’s more information about the Yahoo! Maps AJAX API on the Yahoo! Developer Network website. If you have specific questions about the Y! Maps AJAX API we suggest you visit the yws-maps-ajax mailing list.

We’re eager to answer any questions you might have about these examples so start a thread anytime on the Pipes Message Boards.

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