Find those pipes!

We’ve added far more advanced searching, querying, and ranking capabilities to Pipes. Now you can find the types of Pipes that interest you by refining your search on a number of criteria, including the types of output they produce, what tags they have, what data sources they are mashing up, and in any combination! Pipes are also now ranked and sorted in a new way, allowing more “interesting” Pipes to appear earlier in each search.

picture-24.png picture-30.png
picture-29.png picture-28.png
Simply start searching in the usual way (type some text into the search box or hit “Browse”) and then you’ll get a list of attribute values down the left hand side of the page that are common to one or more of the search results. These values show you how many of the items in your search contain a particular tag, or access a certain data source, or output a given type of data and so on. Clicking on a particular value (e.g. the tag) will re-search and show only those items in your original search that also have that value. You can keep refining your search by adding more and more attribute values until you find the right Pipes. Refined too much? No problem, just go to the “Current Search” box and click on the “x” next to that value to stop restricting the results that way.

When there are more than 10 values for an attribute they become hidden. Press “More +” to the right of the attribute name (e.g. Tag, or Source) to show them all.

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