Squishing Bugs + module and site enhancements

While every release of Pipes fixes many bugs, we don’t often talk about them. However the latest Pipes update addresses one of the biggest problems reported on the message boards and now Pipes supports a wider diversity language encodings and character sets found in many feeds. We still have a few remaining types to nail down but many more feeds should now work well.

Another frequently requested enhancement finally arrives on the Regex module, now our power users (you know who you are) can make use of the “m” “i” “g” and “s” flags.

The new regex module

We’ve also enabled run counting – yes, finally they’re back! We’ve re-counted all those hanging chads, errr, runs, and updated the statistics on each Pipe. Take a look at your Pipes and see how popular they have been.

Runs are back

Fed up with that avatar? You can now use any picture or yourself so other developers can see how pretty you really are. You can change your picture without even leaving your Pipes page:

Full page screenshot of the inline picture picker in action The inline picture picker in action
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