New “Fetch Page” module and nice web path enhancement…

This week we have two updates to our site: A new module to fetch a pages source and a small fix for easy web paths when running a Pipe.

This weeks release incorporates a new module named “Fetch Page”. The new module will fetch the source of a given web site as a string. This data can then be converted into a RSS feed or merged with other data in your Pipe using the Regex module. The module is located under the “Sources” menu in the editor.
Thumbnail for fetch page
The module can fetch an entire page or you can specify a “starting” and “ending” point. We also offer support for specifying a delimiter to allow you to easily separate the text into strings.
Our team as also created a few examples:
1) Fetch Page Example #1 is our first example. The goal of this Pipe is to extract train schedules from a local train scheduled provided in the San Francisco Bay Area.
2) Fetch Page Example #2 is a simple example that utilizes the first example as a sub-Pipe to obtain addition train stops.

Additional information about this new module along with its limitations can be found in the documentation modules/sources section.

Our second change to the site this week is a minor fix/enhancement to allow for easy web paths of all Pipe.runs page. This will allow you to use the easy paths you created for your Pipes. For example, the Pipe above “Fetch Page Example #1″ would look like the following below (please note the “?” instead of the “&”):

Original name:

Easy web address name:

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